2017 Masters Scratch Tournament

This year the tournament was held on the unforgiving 2016 USBC masters oil pattern, strikes were hard to come by and a good spare game was a must. At the first cut point after 5 games John Contos lead all bowlers followed by Robert Damadeo, Contos boasted a 298 to get there. The top 5 cut point was another story Bob Miller lead all scores followed by Alec Beard, Mike Kilosky, Mike Olson and Anthony Lombardo. In the first match Lombardo defeated Olson, match two Lombardo defeated Kilosky. Match 3 Beard defeated Lombardo and in the finals Miller defeated Beard to win back to back titles. Metro Bowl would like to thank all the bowlers who came out hopefully we will see you all next year. Also a big thanks to the McHenry County USBC for putting on another great tournament and thanks to all the score keepers it was much appreciated.